Cosmetic case and ...

Cosmetic case and ... Gadget lab

Dedicated to women and not only...

Take away everything but not our make up out from our bag! It happens to all to be around and need to brush up our make up. And what about if mascara, eye shadow and pencils disappear into our Mary Poppins bags? Here is the solution: a PU pouch, with internal case, closing with strap, completely foldable and compact even if it is full (21 x 9 cm folded, 21 x 19 cm unfolded).
This makeup purse is elegant and at the same time is practical, feature that we always need.
Its book opening allows us to use immediately all that is necessary and it is available in different colours.
For the boys: don't worry, there are colours and tone suitable for you too, to make the pouch perfect for your pens or something else.
Finally, don't forget customization: your personal logo in 3 positions, 2 internal and one external.

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