4 original gadget ideas on prevention topic

In a totally upset scenario compared to what we imagined for 2020 at the beginning of the year, we are realizing how our habits have already changed and how the future "normality" we all desire, will no longer be the same as in the pre-pandemic period. The new reality will be made of greater attention to personal care, to the cleaning and sterilization of objects, not to find themselves in too crowded places without adequate protections.

Promotional items that we will receive will be even more welcome if they help us to face this new period. We have therefore selected four original gadget ideas on this theme:

  1. It is a single object with two functions: on one side a door opener to avoid having to touch the handle and on the other a push-button to call the elevator without having to touch the button directly. A sponge soaked in disinfectant has been inserted on both sides and, after some uses, it can be soaked again.
  2. A plate with chlorine dioxide to hang on the neck with the classic lanyard, but also on the bag, in the closet, in the car. Its function is to purify the air around us. The sachet has a good sterilization effect because it continuously releases chlorine anhydride and fights bacteria and viruses in the air, creating a safe environment. It lasts for 30 days from the first use.
  3. It is a dual function watch, time and body temperature measurement, nothing more suitable for the period!
  4. Portable stick with UV light at 2w or 4w, kills various types of bacteria on surfaces such as PC keyboards, cell phones, keys, children's toys, utensils etc ... It has indeed been shown that sufficient absorption of photons of UVC light by of the DNA or RNA of these micro-organisms blocks their reproduction making them inactive.

We have other ideas to show you! If you want to know more, contact us without obligation and we will send you our complete research.

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