Video calling without using your hands? Today you can, with the flexible mobile phone holder to hang around your neck

During the lockdown even those who were not so skilled in mobile phone management, learned to make video calls to friends and family, to follow online recipes in order to test themselves in cooking, to watch movies directly from under the blanket, to follow fitness classes on YouTube. We have ascertained that the social distance is reduced if we stay connected, that also from home we can improve our knowledge and physical form.

Now that we are expert users of mobile technology and that we are accustomed to using the phone for multiple activities, we have decided to offer you an upgrade that facilitates us in those actions that have become part of our daily lives.

If you have to follow a video recipe while cooking or making a long video call, the item that we propose is ideal to have your hands always free to operate in the first case and avoid an annoying numbness in the arm in the second.

It is a flexible mobile holder in colored plastic and PVC to hang on the neck or waist, but also to put on the table, even to be used as a wand to take a selfie.

The part that contains the phone has an extension to adapt to any model of mobile phone or tablet and has a 360 ° rotating head to support the device both vertically and horizontally. The colors are customizable, also the size if you need it, and customization with the company logo can be made on the back of the device holder.

The originality of the gadget combined with the many features and possibilities of use, make it a cool item to be proposed for any type of promotion in all seasons.

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