An eco-friendly solution to take notes? The LCD writing tablet!

Do you know the scene from the film "Bruce Almighty" in which actor Jim Carrey is completely covered by post-its? Aside from the extreme expression of a film that makes us smile, the situation does not stray too far from reality: the desks in our offices are often dotted with colored memos that become part of the furniture, and we never stop adding new ones.

A functional solution to put order on the chaos of sheets scattered on the desk is the LCD writing tablet equipped with a pen, where you can write notes and then delete them when you want, and you can reuse it an infinite number of times. An environmentally friendly tool that significantly saves the consumption of disposable paper.

The tablet has multiple possibilities of use: from the various office needs such as a meeting between colleagues to show a sketch, to home uses, whether to have children draw or to write memos in the kitchen. Available in different colors and sizes, it is possible to customize it with a logo. Since it is very light and easy to handle it can be carried anywhere, even in a small bag. It has a button battery which can be replaced when discharged.

It is a useful and original object for promotional campaigns related to the ecological theme or as a corporate gift. Given the ease of use and the multi-functionality, your customers will pleasantly remember your Company and of course, if the object is used often, the impressions of your logo will increase as well.

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