Monday, 21 January 2013 01:00

New Earphones with zip.. cool !!

Snow White, black magic, fire red and pink sweetness are just some of the colors available for the new item in stock from Gadget Lab

Despite presenting himself as a promotional gadget, has an outstanding quality and performance of the highest level.
The new headsets are equipped with gold-plated jack (the experts already know what does), while all the others ... SCREAM audio !!

The devices are equipped with gold-plated jack audio transmission high level, a decrease automatically sounds and ambient noise, and this technology is only used for headphones and in-ear musicians and DJs professionals.
We do not expect them to find it in a promotional item!
The earphones have a silicone membrane soft to suit every type and shape of the ear, can be adapted to 100% to whoever wears it. But this is not enough. What is the classic problem of the headphones for phone, mp3 etc? Have you ever tried to put them in your pocket? Knotted back out like the string of a sailor.
With the special roll-on once taken off roll up into the case and ordered enough nodes and torn cuffs ...
Not enough? Have you ever seen a headset that opens like a zipper? Fashion, fashionable but also comfortable and userfriendly!
This new gadget is customizable in every way, color, thickness and printing on zip closure.

One of the highlights of the products Gadget Lab 2013!

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 01:00

The Solar Lighter

The solar lighter is a small object with a small parabolic mirror inside that, once opened and properly oriented, focuses the sun's rays to a point. It can be used to turn a piece of paper, straw and certainly a cigarette in just 3 seconds.

Use the principle of burning mirrors of Archimedes and to work needs the sun. This is his value and also his fault because it is obvious that at night, on cloudy days and in closed spaces will not work. To overcome this, contains inside the housing for a normal lighter commonly commercially available, making the object ready for use in any condition.
Naturally lends itself very well to be customized as the large print area and is available in many colors.

The solar lighter, it is true, has its limitations, but it could last forever and prove one of those gadgets irresistible and also useful.
Oh, I forgot! The lighter solar works even in the presence of wind and with any external temperature.

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Sunday, 10 March 2019 02:00

Custom Gadgets for kids

Children learn about the world as scientists do: they perform experiments, analyze statistics and formulate theories to explain their observations. The long period of immaturity of children is a kind of evolutionary balance, a necessary consequence of having a brain full of circuits that enable extra ordinary learning and creativity. Alison Gopnik

Our responsibility is to propose the most suitable objects for a particular campaign, so we are always looking for new ideas, participating in events, reading contents and web sites... This let us to understand that the world more difficult to interpret in the field of promotion (and not only) is the baby, so pure so indecipherable ..

Giving something to a small man and small women is the essence of communication, because they are not happy for the value of the object but for something that include our love, our interest, our experience, that's why we want to dedicate a space just for them!

At this point I go back and try to remember me when I was a child, what made me happy: coloring sheets, have lots of colors and pencils to draw any page white lights to spy on the dark corners, any ball, the unexplained sounds coming from the gimmicks, the mythical kinder eggs, ...

By HiGift we have created a selection of products to be used only to them, the youngest (3 to 10 years) where you can find alternatives and ideas. If you cannot find what you need or you want to create something out of our selection, Gadget Lab will be happy to interact with you helping you in the study and research of this new idea; then we can make it in our production sites especially for you.

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You surely remember the classic 80's Walkman and its dimensions "important".

It was to listen to music on cassette, with headphones, usually black, and who came to cover the whole ear.

Then we switched to CD players and headphones already decreased the ear becoming lighter and less bulky. Things are further evolved with the advent of MP3 players and iPods, but it was expected to evolve further in the ear more and more micro, but there was a return to basics: you often do not see music lovers more with the invisible headphones, but headphones enormous size, as the most famous DJ in the world.

Surely in this way improves listening, because big headphones isolate outside noise much better and, if used to correct volume, are also definitely not bad earphones that "come" directly into the ear. Like many other technology accessories have become the subject of creation, design and color, why not adorn herself with a pair of headphones?

This trend is certainly not escaped the most skilled marketers who made a promotional item sought-year.

Gadget Lab, thanks to the creative laboratory, has made these promotional headphones (photos attached to this article), with great success.

Moreover, to render the gadget even more personalized, there is the possibility of printing the cardboard box containing the product with pantone colors and vs. brand.

The following technical characteristics:

- Diameter: 40mm
- Impedance: 32 ohms + / - 15%
- Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL at 1 KHz
- Frequency: 20-20.000 Hz
- Cable length: 1.1M
- Plug: 3.5 mm stereo
- Material: ABS
- Customize the color of the material (including Pantone)
- Used for MP3, MP4, iPad, iPhone, PC, computer

For any information or a quote we are at your disposal!


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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 01:00

Printed T-Shirt

Another very effective advertising vehicles, as classic shirts are customized with your company logo. This is a promotional item timeless, certainly has infinite qualities, but it can, in other respects, be limited (we will see later why).
The most frequently chosen primarily for the convenient quality / price ratio, is that of a short-sleeved cotton shirts in plain, on which is printed, or better, screen, company logo or design chosen. To explore this branch of advertising gadgets is best to take in analyzing different cases or situations dictated by customer needs.

For convenience divide the article into several sections, taking into account initially the solutions are popular.

T-Shirts economic, high consumption and deterioration.

The choice of a t-shirt with short sleeves and cotton weight is not too high (less than 140g.) Is best to dress the staff working in environments and works in situations that wear out the fabric. The customization is usually in the printing of the logo by screen printing to one or two colors on the chest. These t-shirts have a short life cycle, so do not require high quality and it does not have specific promotional purposes (not to convey the image of the company strong and highly qualified).

T-shirts of medium to high quality, heavy-weight

If you wish to distribute this article as a tribute to the public or even create a company branded clothing line and opt for the choice of a material of low weight you will get poor results certainly in terms of image. In this case the most interesting that I recommend is that of a t-shirt with screen printing to one or more colors on the chest and possibly on the back. The ideal weight is 160g.

What does it cost to print a t-shirt?

Since the bulk of the cost of production is due to the construction of the frame for screen printing, you can well understand that more t-shirts are printed, the lower the price of each piece. The shirts are sold by the dozen, for a minimum order of 100 head of mixed sizes (xs, s, m, l, xl and xxl). Hardly who will release minor items at an acceptable price.

The variables that come into play and contribute to the cost of the shirts are finished:

the type of printing (screen-printed, adhesive)
the number of prints (front only, back only, or front / back?)
the number of colors (which forces you to make one or more plates for the frame)
the number of pieces (if you print many shirts you can spread the price of the plants on a larger number of animals)

You only print a few t-shirt type?

The solution exists! You only have to compromise.
Forget first screen printing, opting instead for the transfer or sublimation printing!

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Monday, 10 October 2011 02:00

Folding keyboards, backlit and virtual

Folding keyboards, backlit and virtual
The brand just a "hand"

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard (virtual keyboard): This futuristic keyboard, is nothing but a laser device that projects 63 keys on the surface of red color, recreating the noise. Useful for PDAs and smartphones, but it can also be used for the computer, it connects via Bluetooth.

Roll-up keyboard (foldable keyboard):

QWERTY standard keyboard with 104 keys, when not used can be rolled up and carry it with you with a small footprint, quiet and dust-proof, with PS / 2 and USB, provides 15 million of keystrokes.

Backlit Keybord (backlit keyboard)

with a rubber base that ensures stability on the shelf, its 104 keys are special in that light, allowing its use even in the dark, the color of light, which spreads also from the sides, can be blue, red or purple.

Appel high for everyday objects and you will have young and old ;)

Rock on!


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Thursday, 04 August 2011 02:00

Promotional Umbrellas

promotional umbrellas
are considered by many a gadget with a great advertising return. The choice is wide automatic, mini umbrellas, folding umbrellas, umbrellas, portable, pocket books and courses. For this type of gadgets are the three factors discriminating between different models.

One is the form that may be little more or less depending on usage, this variable come primarily umbrellas for adults, children, classics, or pocket, but also by the particular shape as a triangle or square.

The second element concerns the coverage that surely can be printed or spot more or less colored and custom of the various segments that make up the umbrella.

The third element is the handle that in most cases is made of plastic but of wood, rubber or aluminum and in particular models is also a storage area, connected to it is the structure that is the soul and provides the umbrella the quality and durability and can be classic metal, as well as in wood or aluminum to make these umbrellas very light.

There are special models for both their technological component such as an umbrella with a particular coverage allows the passage of air inside of the umbrella without it being broken down, but also for their use, for example there are umbrellas that allow the extension of the bar so that you can lay on the floor, or those with tape or case that allows you to comfortably shoulder portals.

Ombrello brandizzato



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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 01:00

Promotional ashtray glass or ceramic

Among the materials with which classics are made of glass ashtrays are promotional (clear or colored), ceramic or plastic. Of smoking excellence, always present on bar tables and often at home, so that lends itself to broad dissemination of your logo and your picture. Will come later in the specific, introducing some kind of customizable ashtrays that I think are most notable for its originality, quality, fit. In this article I will focus on analyzing the possibility of personalization, the convenience of communicating your image on an ashtray, dispensing some advice on what to print and where to print a promotional ashtrays.
Utility to customize a promotional ashtray

Despite the launch of the anti-smoking laws and their tightening in recent years has prevented customers smoking on the premises without a special smoking area, able to say that the ashtray had "straight shot" by changing its functionality according to the place of employment .

Continuing to serve as a common outdoor ashtrays in areas where smoking is allowed elsewhere is used as an ashtray promotional dirt collector (chewing gum, napkins, toothpicks, or reduced to small pieces coasters) or as svuotatasche or "make the rest "at the counter or next to the cash register.

For those reasons I consider the ashtray promotional still an excellent means of advertising.

At what point should customize an ashtray?

I answer the question of just over placing a logical argument.

A promotional ashtrays can be customized based on the top or on the base side, the first goes down and the ash will go off the cigarettes, the second is usually placed on the stump, while the third surface is always visible to those sitting the table.
The ash in the long run dirty and black base of the ashtray, obscuring your logo and making it unreadable texts written in miniature.

Council therefore prefer the printed board or socket (less prone to "corruption") if you plan to use your ashtrays in the traditional manner or if it does not assume a frequent replacement.

If the ash does not clobber the base without a doubt I recommend customizing the bottom of the ashtray. You will like this area of ??the size suitable for printing your logo and contact information.

What promotional print on an ashtray?

Ashtrays on the board to print only the logo and phone number.
Most of the customers while sitting at the table will have a cell phone, with which we will note down the name of your company or make a phone call.

If the target is young or particularly devoted to technology can bring a web address, your email or your facebook page, smart phones (Blackberry and iPhone) now allow you to surf the Internet anywhere.

What does it cost to make a personal ashtray?

The customization of an ashtray can have a promotional price varied, depending on the material with which the ashtray itself is the product (plastic, glass, ceramics). However the cheapest plastic ashtrays are customized with silkscreen printing 1 or 2 colors.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 02:00

Custom Keychain

The custom keychain gadget stood economic, flexible and manageable

A creative giveaways is declined for many uses, you can choose un'portachiavi open-bottle, or those with bright LED bulbs to those that contain or keychain, whatever type you choose the final recipients took their success is assured.

A key ring is a custom flexible gadgets that you can easily adapt to any market sector or event. The form in this speech plays a crucial role: for example, security events can be used keychain in the shape of a helmet or vest or a lot of the big chains used in the retail trade are the key rings that contain the token for the trolley, but the variety of forms is not limited to the few cases described. Another element of choice when you choose a custom key ring material. The cheapest are made of plastic, but there are all kinds, fabric, metal, rubber ... As with many categories of gadgets, there are also versions valuable: it is not unusual to find a silver key ring, but there are also versions embellished with precious stones or gold ones. images2.jpg

People who receive a gift this kind of tribute usually the preserve for a mean period - thus increasing the long exposure of the company logo. Further increases the life of the gadget when you choose multi-function models. A number of these models are equipped with a mini puzzle, compass, mini light, marker, bottle opener, whistle.

Flat rubber or vinyl custom keychains are light enough to send via email, and you can use for your direct-mail efforts. Recipients are more likely to use such that if you send favorites.

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