Professionalism, service and continuous controls allow us to offer always the best.

BUYER SERVICE - Import from far east

The import service is dedicated to all customers who want a customized product
The customization takes place during production allowing:
- zero cost of customization;
- The choice of color, sizes, packing the product and all the specifications that your equire;
- share that with you to customize an already finished product would be impossible to change (for example, sliders, labels, etc...).

This service does not result in any increase in operational costs by the costumer that merely informs the order and await the arrival of the goods.

The steps are those of a normal order on items in stock:
-will send you a quote based on specific requests from you;
-acceptance of the quotations send you the sample with the customizations you require;
-once that you are issued a standard contract which specifies: the ordered product with various details,delivery and payment terms.

QUALITY SERVICE - Production inspection Far East

The inspection of production wants to help European importers to make sure that the Chinese suppliers comply with their agreements with respect to materials, construction quality, and timing. Our commitment begins when we receive the mandate from our client.
A team currently consists of 7 technical alternates in daily visits from the Chinese production company to ensure compliance with the specifications communicated to us by the client.

Thanks to the process of alternation we were able to exclude any agreement between the controller / controlled. The quality of the inspection process is guaranteed by Gadget Lab who signs a contract directly with the importer interested in our service.

Important: Do not just our foreign subsidiaries, but also Gadget Lab is responsible for the proper execution of the inspection process.

Approximate costs for inspections

SERVICE PRIVATE LABEL - Creation of entire product lines

Creationof entireproduct lines...
of your design ...
thanks to your imagination and creativity ...

We are ableto offeran accurateand confidentialservice,private label, whichis tomakethe product in fullstartingfrom the designof the styleand designto get todeliver thefinished article,controlled,andpackedwith allthe necessary certifications.

Beingaware ofyour business ideas, knowinghow easy it isnowmissing agoodbusiness opportunity fora distraction,wehave andwe provide you witha complete documentationcontracts.This is togivelegaleffectto the relationshipwe're goingto undertakefor the protectionof both partiesand to ensurethatconfidentialityis a mustin thesecases.

We have alreadyhad the pleasure tomakea collection ofbrandedand privatekeyare distributedto manynationalshopsand a small partof Europe.We take care oflogisticsandreplenishment,splitting theproduct forseveraldistribution centersin order to makethe operationlean andfast.