Transports and logistics
Transports and logistics

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the customs system, of the rules of international transport and thanks to the established relationships with the leaders of the transports, we can offer our customers a complete management of the entire operational process from the production site to the final delivery's place. We guarantee the best solution for your needs through the most appropriate transport method: sea, truck or plane.

It's important to remember that in the promotional items market the "time" element is always inversely proportional to the "cost" element: first I will search for my desired product and order my supply, and I will spend less.

Sea transport, infact, is certainly the cheapest, but obviously the timing is longer .. An air transport, instead, allows us to receive the goods in a very short time but it has more expensive costs. Some products are an exception, thanks to their weight and contained volume: we will still have costs cut down while taking advantage of the speed of air transport (bracelets, lanyards, pins ..). Anyhow, if we want to outline a general rule, we'll always have to keep in mind that:

  • - each supply needs its production time (especially if it's complex items or really large purchase volumes). Our quotations are always complete with all the informations necessary to considerer the purchase by the customer even in terms of time;
  • - then, we needs to add transport times: always about 40-45 days for a sea shipping and about 10 days for an air transportation (complete with departure organization, shipping, customs clearance and land transport to final destination)

The organization of split deliveries in several dates and different methods of transport for the same order, multiple shipments to multiple destinations, the management of direct deliveries from the production site (for example China) to the country of distribution (for example USA) without passing from customer in Italy, for example ... These are just some of the services we have been providing for years to all those companies that have relied on our professionalism.

Coordinating good logistics, with reliable partners, is vital to respect the commitments made regarding the final delivery.