Why a Blog?

Why a Blog?


This blog has the aim of searching for news, trends and movements in the vast world of promotional items and ... of course, advertise products and services offered by Gadget Lab

This space contains a list of possible suggestions for companies or for anyone who intends to carry out or commission custom promotional items for advertising. Basically it is a collector of promotional suggestions, formulated in terms of who receives the gadget and who distributes it.

Why we decided to write a blog about promotional items?

This blog is simply the result of staff about the author analyzes trends in promotional literature.
The aim is to come to the rescue of those who seek something new, innovative and creative to promote a product or your company. This blog is not a news organization.

It can not therefore be regarded as an editorial product under Law No 62 of 7.03.2001. The texts are written by the staff of Gadget Lab, except where indicated is the author and any source.

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If you want to participate and collaborate writing an article,
proposing new or even something you designed,

contact our staff, we will be happy to meet you!