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The customer contacts us with a specific product request or submits a brief on which our marketing, sales and purchasing teams work together to find the best possible solutions.

Line 2

This is the crucial phase of our work: finding the best object for the customer – in terms of innovation, competitiveness, and effectiveness – compared to their initial request.
We concurrently study packaging as well, according to the customer’s needs: from food flow packs to eco-friendly paper bags, from single-box packaging to multiple packaging in a kit with more items stored together.

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We work on the customer’s design, graphics or logo and apply it to the object, making realistic mock-ups of the end product. At this stage we can graphically analyse product lines and collections, the graphic design of the packaging, labels, or leaflets that will be attached to the item.

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When customers have the urgency to receive their personalised items, we use our HiGift online store, which has more than 20,000 different types of ready-for-delivery corporate gifts. In this case, the desired logo or graphics will be applied on the chosen product. Given the wide assortment and feasible printing techniques, you will certainly find something suitable for your needs!

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Once product and packaging have been defined, we create the pre-production sample. When the order is confirmed, the production phase begins, which includes object manufacture and printing. Our production sites are mainly located in Europe, China, Bangladesh, and India. Each country is selected from time to time for its excellence in materials and manufacturing processes. At the same time, we start the process of certification of the end product, in compliance with European directives and regulations, through accredited laboratories and specialised international bodies (TUV, UL, SIGMA, SGS, BUREAU VERITAS...). The process ends with quality control over the entire order.

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Once production is completed, the order will be ready for the shipping and transport phase. We can manage different import modes: we can ship the same order to multiple destinations or arrange deliveries on different dates. We use different shipping methods (by area, sea, land) according to the type of product to be transported and the timeframe required by the customer when confirming the order, always calculating the standard times for customs checks.

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We are very flexible on requests for order customisation: we perform packaging, labelling and palletising services according to the logistical needs of the customer.

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In full compliance with the required deadlines, we follow all shipping stages until delivery. Our job is not done until we verify customer satisfaction!

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