Constant research, attention to details, customer focus: this is the soul of Gadget Lab. A laboratory where we give shape and substance to ideas, where we study the latest trends and make them achievable. Gadget Lab creates gadgets that talk about you, objects that will help you convey the soul of your company, making it remember for a long time.
We often go to parties, or to corporate events and we see huge rows in front of the desks where customized promotional gadgets are picked up. See then positively amazed faces when corporate gifts like them, faces disappointed when they are not to their liking. In the first case the promotional items becomes a gift of value, because it is a pleasure to keep it at home, show it to friends in memory of the evening or the day. In the second case it is a failure of the promotion, it will be thrown in the garbage at the first opportunity. The visibility of your promotional items will only last a few minutes. Gadget Lab's advice is therefore to think ahead to the promotional gifts to look for, so as to be able to explore more possibilities and choose the one that is most suited to your event. If instead you are looking for colorful items to give a touch of creativity to corporate offices, we can offer you personalized gadgets to beautify desks and convey a great sense of belonging to all employees. Employees often bring items home as if they were gadgets, unbelievable! Maybe you may need to give business gifts to suppliers or customers or, why not, even to your employees at Christmas. The classic box with everyday items or foodstuffs maybe is boring. You can opt for a series of personalized gadgets with printed company logos so that people to whom you deliver personalized gifts will see your commitment to having found something truly original, creative and surprising but above all dedicated to them for that occasion. It is one of the many ways to bring loyalty, and it is really effective. The development of personalized promotional gadgets in every phase will be supervised by experts and treated to your attention when we carefully examine them. Often the customer asks for a non-standard product: application of labels, of hinges, creation of a product that is not found on the market, etc. It’s up to Gadget Lab to take care of any need and challenge of customer, giving solutions without delaying the delivery of promotional items and without having to involve him, unless you need your authorization for business operations. Each certification will ensure that promotional items are always guaranteed in terms of safety. Personalized business gifts that offer your customers the necessary certifications for yours and their peace of mind. Important corporate gadgets for which usually is required a certification, are those that have contact with the body. Gadget Lab is able to guarantee security also regarding this. Speaking instead of shipping times, if necessary a fast delivery because you know, customized corporate gadgets are always the last thing you usually think about, we also have European suppliers that produce swiftly. Sometimes your search is focused on neutral promotional items, sometimes on personalized gadgets. You must know that non-personalized items have a faster order and shipping time than corporate gadgets with the printing of your logo or other type of design, whether it is transported from Italy, Europe or Asia. For huge quantities, if you don’t have a strict timing, we usually opt for a shipment of company gadgets by sea, even for an economic issue. But be careful because not all items can travel with that kind of transport. For example, regarding USB keys or electronic material, it is preferable to transport it by airplain in order to don’t damage the batteries or the circuits. For all the other customized company gadgets, the options are also open to transport by sea. For orders with reduced quantity of items and tight deadlines, air transport is often chosen. It’s fundamental to calculate always the timing for customs clearance: do not worry, Gadget Lab always considers it in the order of your personalized items and it takes full responsibility in this regard.
creativity’s study of corporate gifts


If you are looking for custom corporate gifts and you need some original ideas, Gadget Lab will present you creative solutions suited to your request, with graphic drawings of the items and specifics of every detail. Creative thinking, combined with the concreteness of its realization, will give rise to a winning promotion.

Personalized gadgets can be created thanks to your idea with professional suggestions from Gadget Lab, so that your promotional items always hit the mark. From a simple idea, effective business gifts will be born! All the promotional gadgets that you will present will be a memory of your company, remaining with the customer for a long time. Do not rely on importers or manufacturers who provide personalized corporate gadgets of poor quality and little imagination. Gadget Lab manages to combine originality and good taste with the concreteness and real feasibility of promotional gifts. Creativity is an important part of our business processes, why choose custom gadgets that you can find anywhere and on anyone? Don't you want your customers to stand out thanks to gadgets with your printed logo?

research and development of personalized products


Analyzing your needs, we will look for the best manufacturing Company in terms of quality, price and timing of realization. Our choice is guaranteed for you: we are able to test and certify promotional items based on your necessities and those of the Country of destination.

The research for personalized corporate gadgets starts from our office in Italy but makes use of excellent foreign collaborations. We often receive very imaginative requests for promotional items from the customer. It’s up to us to find the best sales solution of customized company gadgets that match your request. With regards to custom items and their various types of printing, we do accurate research, and always suggest our interlocutors on the best solution both in terms of yield and price. The timing for the realization of personalized corporate gadgets is very important to define the price, both for a more or less fast transport and for alternative place of production of personalized items; this is because, having a short time at our disposal to deliver the products, we cannot do enough researches and quotation comparison between Italian or foreign partners, and we’d choose the one that will guarantee the fastest production with shortest shipment time, but that probably won't be the best in the market.

production and direct import of promotional items


Our production sites are located especially in Europe, China, Bangladesh and India. Each Country has its own excellence in the various product sectors and our twenty-year’s experience in this field allow us to select for you the best specializations.

The import of corporate gadgets is one of our must. Whether they are corporate gifts , promotional gifts or simple custom gadgets for private parties, Gadget Lab is able to import from specialized countries for each product category. Often talking about personalized gadgets that come from outside Europe is synonymous of poor quality. It is not so! For example, in Bangladesh there is very good cotton, at a lower cost of the market. In India instead there are specializations on more elaborate articles, such as embroidered fabric or colored powders that are used, for instance, during the “Color Run”. Customized gadgets, therefore printed and supported in plastic material, are found with much more economy in China. In this Country they are also very good at finding the most imaginative and really suitable custom products for every need.




Why give promotional items to promote my brand?

Although we live in an era almost totally devoted to digital, the objects that populate our world of memories remain an important part of us and we tend to keep them with affection. When we attend an event and bring home promotional items that become a symbol of the emotion experienced thanks to that brand, we hardly throw them away, especially if they are useful and original objects.
Advertising in magazines or online leaves a memory of your brand, giving corporate gifts with your logo means that your brand is not just a memory but is seen by those who receive them for more and more days. In addition, the feeling that the customer will have of your Company will be positive, since you have given him a gift; if he had only seen your advertisement he would not have received any kind of present from you.
Remember that with promotional products you can convey any type of message: there are so many types of them, they can be very cheap or more expensive, ecological, for leisure or for work, you can order them in small quantities or in large quantities according to your needs.

Which are the criteria for choosing the best promotional items?

Choosing the right corporate gifts is no small feat. However, there are some parameters to always keep in mind to make the right choice and hit the mark:
- Make sense of objects, which must be strongly linked to the theme of the event, strongly connected to the products that are promoted or to the brand identity of the company itself, in the case, for example, of a new business opening. This will help you remind the customer what you were promoting when they use your promotional items.
- Choose objects of value: it is not enough that they are useful, they must have a good perceived value, better if they belong to the "eco-friendly" category. This will help the customer to have a better opinion of your brand.
- Be original, but be careful not to be too original! Avoid giving promotional products that the customer does not know how to use because they are too complicated or that he will never use because they do not improve his daily routine.
- Prefer objects that have a long life and that can eventually be passed on to others, to guarantee greater visibility and prolonged possibilities over time.

How do I get corporate gifts designed specifically for my promotional campaign?

On the market there is a variety of really interesting gadgets, if they are really of all types. Sometimes, however, this choice is not enough because for important promotions it is necessary to stand out and distribute objects that are the mirror of our brand and have not already been seen around. If you prepare a brief indicating your target price, the type of event where you have to distribute your promotional items and the deadline for delivery, you will be able to have a series of creative proposals from us to choose and customize with your logo. From our first ideas we can make further insights on the products you like most. If among the proposals there are details to change, such as shape, size, specific pantone colors etc ... it is absolutely not a problem, we can customize the object to the maximum. The next step will be to provide you with graphic drafts so you will be able to better imagine the finished product and subsequently you will also receive the pre-production sample to start the order.
If you do not have a defined brief, we can provide you with a free consultation so that we can think together about the best way to go to get the most suitable corporate gadget for your promotion. To obtain original promotional items in shape and size, as well as with the printing of a specific logo, a minimum quantity is needed to start the production which usually is around 1,000 pieces.
With our production and direct import without intermediaries and with our logistics services tailored to your needs, we will be able to deliver the desired products at advantageous prices and with fast delivery times.

What are the latest trends in promotional items?

Knowing which are the trendiest and most requested objects on the market is useful for orienting yourself in choosing the right business gifts for your target and for the period we are living in. Certainly at the top of the ranking of the moment there are ecological gifts or made with highly sought-after recycled materials both as corporate gifts and as promotional items for events or promotions. The most widely used natural materials are natural cotton and bamboo fiber while for recycling we focus on plastic: those which until recently were bottles of mineral water are transformed into something new that, in a virtually infinite recycle, among the many opportunities, they can become beautiful shoppers or rucksacks.

For original and up-to-date gadgets we must certainly take a look also at the technological articles: gadgets such as original shapes USB flash drive and equally innovative materials, rather than wireless chargers or power banks are in great demand and never discounted.

Another category under the magnifying glass are the gadgets for fitness and the gym. In fact, keeping fit having a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle is a must of our times and more and more people rely on personal trainers or online video courses to make a gym within the home.