The calendar, together with the agenda, are the typical corporate gifts to give away between the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. Although it is rather a classic object, it has never gone out-of-date over the years, especially for companies that want to ensure visibility for their brand throughout the 12 months. It is also a gift suitable both to be distributed into the company and also to final customers and potential ones.

The disadvantages are essentially two: the duration of the gift is always reduced to 12 months since, when it has finished its function, it is necessarily thrown away to be replaced with a new one; moreover, the idea itself lacks a bit in originality.

But what if we could extend its life and make it up-to-date? It can be done, with the plantable calendar!

Inside its pages made of coupled biodegradable paper, can be inserted seeds of your favorite plant or flower. Then just dip the sheet of paper in a pot with soil, keep it in the light and water it regularly: for instance, January will become a beautiful sunflower, and so on.

This version of the calendar allows you to give something original, do good for the environment and leave a good memory for those who will receive our calendar, who will remember us for a long time (and if they have a green thumb, for a very long time!).

The calendar can be made in different types, just like the standard one: table, to hang, of different sizes.

Of course, with the plantable paper you can think of various objects, not just calendars: diaries or notebooks, cards or greeting cards, coasters... all ideas to keep in mind when thinking about the upcoming Christmas 2020.

If you are interested and would like more information on the various possibilities of using the plantable paper, do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Do you want to know what to expect tomorrow? Are you lucky or not? According to Chinese tradition of fortune cookies are biscuits, which contain within them a greeting card with a sentence or a board. In fact, even today the fortune cookies are served meals in Chinese restaurants closing. Then hit your cookie, please read the prophecies written in the ticket and if you still need Mordin again, you will always be useful.
  • Promotional items, advertising and gifts, characterized by the vegetable content. The packages are all customizable and contain seeds, bulbs or plants. The specificity of this product line is to create an original communication, natural and immediately attributable to environmental, natural and educational, thanks to the symbolic value of flowers, plants and trees.
  • During this complex period, each of us for his own professional skills may have asked himself how things will go when the activities reopen, what will be the best trends, what our target audience will expect. Our readings and insights have focused on the promotional and communication by object, to give you interesting ideas for the imminent future.

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