Every year, a third of all food produced in the world is wasted. This is equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes according to figures from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Association, with a forecast of 2.1 billion tons of food that will be thrown away in 2030. The data is alarming but the reduction of food waste is within everyone’s reach and we can do something to improve it in our daily routine.

How many times do we put the leftovers of our meals in the containers forgetting them in the fridge? We often throw away food because we do not know if the product is still good to eat and, the confusion about the validity of expiry dates, may mean that perfectly edible dishes are thrown in the basket. Or sometimes we buy stuff we already have at home. The point is that, taken from the many daily commitments, we cannot have the exact photograph of the pantry or the fridge of our kitchen.

That’s at this point that technology comes to the rescue.

A new range of smart food storage containers hopefully will help us improving things: they keep track of food lifespan and report when it’s time to hurry up and eat it.

You need to download the app you see on the packaging on your phone, frame the Qrcode printed on the containers and you’ve done. You have just to provide the details you need for smart monitoring and food status notifications will arrive directly on your smartphone. If you use this type of containers for a promotion, in addition to the possibility of having a customization on the object, you can think of buying banner ads within the app. In addition, the application will show you the recipes corresponding to the foods that you have registered inside: very useful for those who are not so creative in cooking!

Food containers are one of the most popular promotional items, and this upgrade allows us to propose something extremely useful keeping up with the times.

What do you think? If you are curious do not hesitate to contact us!

  • How many times, during the shopping sessions, we notice an unusual object and we say to ourselves: "well, I don't need it but if you give it to me, I don't deny that it would be useful ..." This should be one of the thoughts behind the choice of the most suitable promotional item: present customers something that is not obvious, in order to avoid repeating what they already have, but which is so useful that they can no longer do without it!
  • Snow White, black magic, fire red and pink sweetness are just some of the colors available for the new item in stock from Gadget Lab Despite presenting himself as a promotional gadget, has an outstanding quality and performance of the highest level.The new headsets are equipped with gold-plated jack (the experts already know what does), while all the others ... SCREAM audio !!
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