Bringing fresh water under the beach umbrella means having to consume it within maximum half an hour if we don't want to literally find it "boiled". To say nothing of the lunch inside the plastic box.

This situation can be solved by adding a cooler bag to the classic “bundles” which, together with the beach bag, the sack with toys for children etc..., contributes to a real explosion of discomfort.

If you have to choose a gadget for your events or summer promotions, doubtless a multipurpose beach object could be the ideal solution to hit the mark.

Our suggestion falls on this large and light sea bag, divided into two parts: in the upper part it is a normal beach shopper closable with magnetic button, in the lower part it is a real cooler bag, with double-slider zip closure.

The bag has two comfortable pockets and, being made of polyester with a light consistency, it can be easily folded for carrying in a luggage. It can be made with your favorite color and customized with the logo print in the front pocket, as seen in the photo.

A gadget like this will be appreciated and certainly used, it will offer visibility to your brand for the whole season. Contact us to know more!

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  • Getting used to drinking with reusable bottles and glasses instead of plastic bottles or disposable glasses is a small step of responsibility towards the environment and ourselves. If then the material composition of these articles originates from natural elements, even better. Today we present the Straw Fiber Plastic (SFP), made up of straw and plastic fibers. The straw fiber is made from natural elements such as wheat shells, corn citrus or rice bran that are mixed with polypropylene to obtain a resistant fiber.

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