As of present day, 1 in 5 people now own at least one smart phone while another 6% of the worldwide populations own a tablet and/or other touch screen device. This estimates to 1.5 billion smart phones active in the world as of today. Now take a look at these statistics from a marketing standpoint. You are looking to create a campaign that appeals to trends and what is hot: at the moment, so you are going to ask yourself, how can I appeal my product/service/company to these trends to create a powerful impression? Well the answer my friends, which is my favorite answer of all, promotional products.

A struggle faced by many companies, crafting and implementing an exciting marketing campaign takes innovation, determination and a willingness to think beyond what has already been done. Customizable promotional products enable brands to distribute branded products designed for different buyer personas while increasing ROI.

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) regularly reports on the effectiveness of promotional products. According to recent publications from the PPAI, tech-related products are desired by customers, beneficial for brands and produce positive results. Specifically, research uncovered the following statistics about promotional products.

  • Approximately 80% of consumers own 10 or less promotional products.
  • Computer-related products and health products are viewed as equally useful, outranking all other branded products.
  • Among products kept for contact information, nearly 30% were an electronic device or accessory.
  • Tied with calendars and planners, computer products are used more than any other product.
  • Nearly one-third of promotional product recipients conduct business with the advertiser for the first time within one year of receiving the gift.

Clearly, branded giveaways make an impact on customers and businesses. Between increasing customer loyalty, heightening brand recognition and providing a boost in sales, promotional products offer brands endless options to advertise.
The mobile industry has now surpassed the PC market and the mobile phone accessories market is now valued at $20 billion, which is larger than the smart phone market itself. With such a growing demand for mobile technology, brands that invest in promotional accessories for phones and tablets will stay connected to their audience for generations.

So need I say once again, it is time to jump on the tech promotional products bandwagon people!

  • Promotional items, advertising and gifts, characterized by the vegetable content. The packages are all customizable and contain seeds, bulbs or plants. The specificity of this product line is to create an original communication, natural and immediately attributable to environmental, natural and educational, thanks to the symbolic value of flowers, plants and trees.
  • Always welcome by those who receive them from, the company Christmas gifts are also statement of admiration and gratitude for the person, for the work and the professionalism demonstrated.Every year, many companies find themselves in difficulty in the choice of company Christmas gifts: the gift must be appropriate, for simplicity, to a large target (men and women, young and old ...). Must also meet budget requirements defined and, at the same time be something original, might be a useful and non-obvious.
  • During this complex period, each of us for his own professional skills may have asked himself how things will go when the activities reopen, what will be the best trends, what our target audience will expect. Our readings and insights have focused on the promotional and communication by object, to give you interesting ideas for the imminent future.

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