Promotional gadgets help brands generate goodwill and appreciation among the target audience. 36% of people who received promotional gadgets said that they are more likely to do business with the advertiser.
Here are a few other reasons to use promotional gadgets for your business:

  • 63% of recipients pass on promotional gadgets to someone else after using them
  • 89% of respondents could recall the advertiser that gave them promotional gadgets
  • #1 Promotional gadgets are ranked #1 as the most effective advertising tools
  • 1/3rd of recipients carry promotional items with them
  • 35% of businesses use promotional giveaways to share contact details
  • 75% of recipients use a promo item at least once a week

Providing promotional gadgets to your target audience makes them happy and helps your brand stand out from competitors. Include them in your marketing campaign and watch how your brand’s visibility grows!

Are you ready to incorporate promo items to your marketing mix? Contact Gadget Lab staff to get started!

  • During this complex period, each of us for his own professional skills may have asked himself how things will go when the activities reopen, what will be the best trends, what our target audience will expect. Our readings and insights have focused on the promotional and communication by object, to give you interesting ideas for the imminent future.
  • It is another of the original proposals Gadget Lab. A hat that not only do the more traditional role that we all know, allows you to listen to their favorite music and, if necessary, answer a call with your iPhone. But let's see some more details ...
  • How many times, during the shopping sessions, we notice an unusual object and we say to ourselves: "well, I don't need it but if you give it to me, I don't deny that it would be useful ..." This should be one of the thoughts behind the choice of the most suitable promotional item: present customers something that is not obvious, in order to avoid repeating what they already have, but which is so useful that they can no longer do without it!

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