Palline antistress

The stress balls are a useful and fun promotional item for anyone who spends hours on the phone or at the computer in the office, putting a strain on their concentration and self-control.

Antitress balls are useful?

Everything depends on the target which will be addressed.
I have concluded that stress the gadgets in general are quite valid as a promotional item (for both the promotion facing new contacts to existing customers) because, ironically and communicate your logo, usually occupy a position always visible on the desktop.
The repetitive motion of squeezing and releasing dell'antistress, as well as relax, help restore concentration and relieve muscle tension, it is useful to stimulate the circulation in the fingers, which often freeze after hours spent typing on the keyboard ..

palline antistress

What material are made stress balls?


The stress balls can be made of different material.

The most common are polyurethane foam sponge capable of recovering its shape after being crushed.
More stress balls are malleable and a core of plastic granules or sand and a housing lycra polyethylene "skin" or sewn leather, they are similar to balls giocoleria.

Finally, there are squeezable stress balls, whose transparent rubber casing gives a glimpse of the core liquid or gel.

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