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Personalized items are often considered the last thing to think about during the organization phases of events, fairs or exhibitions, and often not too much attention is paid to their potential. Actually, it is always good habit considering that, with that items, the brand image is literally placed in the hands of the potential customer. If there is no studio behind it, then it is better to avoid using promotional products, because they risk being unrepresentative, trivial and perhaps useless.

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Among the materials with which classics are made of glass ashtrays are promotional (clear or colored), ceramic or plastic. Of smoking excellence, always present on bar tables and often at home, so that lends itself to broad dissemination of your logo and your picture. Will come later in the specific, introducing some kind of customizable ashtrays that I think are most notable for its originality, quality, fit. In this article I will focus on analyzing the possibility of personalization, the convenience of communicating your image on an ashtray, dispensing some advice on what to print and where to print a promotional ashtrays.
Utility to customize a promotional ashtray

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Italians has always been divided between those who love to shop at the supermarket and those who have to do it out of necessity but would gladly avoid it.

Since last March, on the other hand, it seems that going out to buy basic things is a good choice to get some fresh air and get distracted, given the new anti-covid rules we are all obliged to.

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Yes, we know it. Personalized pens are not to be counted among the most original promotional items. Yet over the years they have remained one of the most loved and effective method to spread the name of a brand or its advertising message. They never go out of style because, despite the countless digital objects we have available for writing, we all continue to use them. In addition, they have always remained in step with the times, in fact there are those with the touch screen tip or the built-in USB stick, to give some examples.

But which are the news about personalized pens today?

penne personalizzate
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Each pen has its own style, its importance and both these characteristics must match the occasion ...

The personalized pens are the most popular gadgets are ideal for professionals, businesses or for the promotion of events and fairs, are invaluable promotional tools that will last.

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