It happens to everyone to read a book and miss the mark because it is busy, you fall asleep and taken from the hustle and bustle of every day. It 's an innovative and cute bookmark that could be the solution to this problem. 
This fun gadget, made ​​of silicone, available in a wide range of colors is a great piece of design that creates a custom look in our book, so that it becomes an accessory to take with you. 
On one of the two sides of this weird "book elastic band", there is a finger, which can be positioned exactly at the precise line of the page where it is stopped to read, in order to resume reading every time you want without never miss their mark.
Let yourself be guided by the finger of rubber without having more fear of losing your place!
  • Every year, a third of all food produced in the world is wasted. This is equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes according to figures from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Association, with a forecast of 2.1 billion tons of food that will be thrown away in 2030. The data is alarming but the reduction of food waste is within everyone’s reach and we can do something to improve it in our daily routine.
  • You stuff the usual promotional items?Are you looking for an original, innovative and fashion?Gadget Lab has something for you: the Music Cube! These portable speakers are manufactured especially for small portable equipment and can be directly connected to the computer, the I-Phone or an I-Pod.
  • A modern and technological credit card slots, a novelty among the promotional items. Perfect for purses and 24h, comfortable and roomy, yet compact (11x7x2 cm) to fit easily in your pocket.

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