portachiavi personalizzati

The custom keychain gadget stood economic, flexible and manageable

A creative giveaways is declined for many uses, you can choose un'portachiavi open-bottle, or those with bright LED bulbs to those that contain or keychain, whatever type you choose the final recipients took their success is assured.


A key ring is a custom flexible gadgets that you can easily adapt to any market sector or event. The form in this speech plays a crucial role: for example, security events can be used keychain in the shape of a helmet or vest or a lot of the big chains used in the retail trade are the key rings that contain the token for the trolley, but the variety of forms is not limited to the few cases described. Another element of choice when you choose a custom key ring material. The cheapest are made of plastic, but there are all kinds, fabric, metal, rubber ... As with many categories of gadgets, there are also versions valuable: it is not unusual to find a silver key ring, but there are also versions embellished with precious stones or gold ones. images2.jpg

People who receive a gift this kind of tribute usually the preserve for a mean period - thus increasing the long exposure of the company logo. Further increases the life of the gadget when you choose multi-function models. A number of these models are equipped with a mini puzzle, compass, mini light, marker, bottle opener, whistle.

Flat rubber or vinyl custom keychains are light enough to send via email, and you can use for your direct-mail efforts. Recipients are more likely to use such that if you send favorites.

  • A modern and technological credit card slots, a novelty among the promotional items. Perfect for purses and 24h, comfortable and roomy, yet compact (11x7x2 cm) to fit easily in your pocket.
  • You stuff the usual promotional items?Are you looking for an original, innovative and fashion?Gadget Lab has something for you: the Music Cube! These portable speakers are manufactured especially for small portable equipment and can be directly connected to the computer, the I-Phone or an I-Pod.
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