The trend gadgets of our catalog
14 May
Written by: Gadget Lab
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The catalog of Gadget Lab has more than 7000 catalog products super updated with current trends. Lots of new things to discover and to see them all obviously takes a bit of patience and attention. With this article we want to save you some of your time and show you some of the trendiest articles of the moment that are part of the Gadget Lab catalog: Stainless steel selfie stick Kroper To start off well with our list we can not fail to name a gadget that is now completely depopulated all over the world, the stainless steel selfie stick…
Warm 'n Music... the hat with earphone included !
02 December
Written by: Tommaso Biagini
Published in: Original
It is another of the original proposals Gadget Lab. A hat that not only do the more traditional role that we all know, allows you to listen to their favorite music and, if necessary, answer a call with your iPhone. But let's see some more details ...Available in different colors, this article is as simple as it is brilliant. Inside, in two special "pockets" are hidden two small speakers that do not deform the flat hat and, therefore, do not give the impression of being there. The peculiarity of the hat is the fact that can be used with any…
MACRO LENS BRACELET for Iphone and Smartphone
31 October
Written by: Fabiana Matteini
Published in: Original
In recent years smartphones have made great steps, in particular the cameras and their accessories. What we present today is a special "lens band" comes in two models (macro and wideangle lens)  compatible with iPhone and any other smartphone on the market regardless of brand, operating system and sizes (do not overdo it... we're talking abaout smartphone, not tablet. The dedicated model will be available soon) Samsung, HTC and Apple share the highest place in the pyramid of international market of mobile phones, but what standard models are not yet able to do are the WideAngle and Macro photos.Now with…
Eco-friendly Cardboard Christmas tree
26 September
Written by: Fabiana Matteini
Published in: Original
Christmas is the time for giving. When we give gifts to our love ones, why not give some to the environment?!The Eco-friendly Cardboard Christmas tree is designed to take advantage of all the benefits of Cartotecnica and be particularly suitable for promotion. The product comes directly boxed. The end user will only have to open the box (cardboard made too) and fun to assemble the tree, available in different designs and colors.The customization can be printed on the outer face of the box and on the figure, and logo will always be in plain sight, from the arrival of a…
The first credit card holder that protects
06 May
Written by: Luca Cappelli
Published in: Original
A modern and technological credit card slots, a novelty among the promotional items. Perfect for purses and 24h, comfortable and roomy, yet compact (11x7x2 cm) to fit easily in your pocket. Built in aluminum, also available with soft silicone coating has 5 or 7 internal gussets that allow you to stay many credit cards, membership cards, money or coins.On the back panel there is a slip and fall case, it is shock resistant.Waterproof and schemato against magnetic sources, allows to approach quietly since any source equipped with internal protective coating that does not get in or electromagnetic waves do low…
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